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Check out Tim Mangus's drone video of our first race!


Our new course matrix sheet is below; click on this link if you lose your laminated sheet overboard!

Prescribed Course Recommendations as of 2023

Annual membership meeting/Mandatory Skipper's meeting was held on 15 Apr/0900. See Resouces/Forms for a download of the brief. Congrats on our new Board members - the new Board is shown on the Contacts tab.

Don't forget to visit our Crew Wanted/Crew Available tab to the needs this season for both the skippers and crews looking for a boat!

Below is a picture that captures most of the RBSA sailors that particpated in the June 2022 Annapolis to Bermuda race. All sailors gathered on Winsome Ride for a group picture. We were well represented!



An audio file to assist the RC with the starting sequence is now on our Resources tab.

If you are unable to perform RC duties on the date scheduled, it is your responsibility to find another crew to swap out with. Please notifiy Don Snelgrove or Chris Drury with any RC swaps and we will gladly update the posted schedule on the website. 

Many of our members have begun to use the RaceQs smartphone application to track their race. It's free, simple to use, and allows for all particpants to view a fully integrated race picture after the race. It is a great learning tool and we have received absolutely great feedback on its capabilities. On the Race Events tab to the right of each completed race, you can click on a RaceQs replay of each race in addition to being able to click on the results. RaceQs can be downloaded for free for both Apple and Android smartphones. To see a video on how RaceQs works, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfgAojXuEiA

If you can't see the results on the Race Events tab, please create a username on the LogIn page and you will be able to see Race Events and results shortly thereafter.

Our growing fleet as they round mark C by Sherwood Forest, 2021.

Post any new photos/videos to https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1H2yAaUE-Numii8AIej8yVZAmHTXhTewJ?usp=sharing and inform Mary Marta at maryrmarta@gmail.com

Questions can be sent to info@roundbaysailing.com


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