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Our annual awards ceremony will be held on October 26th at 1400 at the Palisades Pavilion in Crownsville. Mark your calendars! Please send your RSVPs into our Commodore Ken. We have had a great season this year, with better than average winds, our strongest particpation in many years and also better than average thunderstorms! :). 

Below are some results of Bay races entrered by our RBSA boats and their finishes. Congrats, folks!


  • 3rd Place Cal 25: Quintet

Leukemia Cup:

  • 2nd Place Cal 25: Quintet

EYC Boomerang Race

  • 3rd Place CRCA Racer-Cruiser: A L’Assaut

AYC Annual Regatta

  • 2nd Place Cal 25: Quintet

Crab Cup

  • 2nd Place Cal 25: Quintet
  • 1st Place PHRF C: Flagfest

Hospice Cup

  • 3rd Place CRCA Spin: Flagfest

PSA Rock Hall

  • 1st Place CRCA Racer-Cruiser: A L’Assaut

Baltimore Harbor Cup

  • 1st Place CRCA Cruiser: Winsome Ride

If you are unable to perform RC duties on the date scheduled, it is your responsibility to find another crew to swap out with. Please notifiy Ken Shuart or Don Snelgrove with any RC swap and we will gladly update the posted schedule on the website. 

If you were unable to attend the Skipper's meeting, below is a link to the presentation:

Many of our members have begun to use the RaceQs smartphone application to track their race. It's free, simple to use, and allows for all particpants to view a fully integrated race picture after the race. It is a great learning tool and we have received absolutely great feedback on its capabilities. On the Race Events tab to the right of each completed race, you can click on a RaceQs replay of each race in addition to being able to click on the results. RaceQs can be downloaded for free for both Apple and Android smartphones. To see a video on how RaceQs works, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfgAojXuEiA

If you can't see the results on the Race Events tab, please create a username on the LogIn page and you will be able to see Race Events and results by next day.

Videos of many of our Round Bay races, courtesy of Bob Garrant, are located at:




Questions can be sent to info@roundbaysailing.com


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