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Congratulations to all of the 2017 RBSA award winners! Our annual awards dinner was held on Saturday, February 24th, at Cafe Mezzanote in Severna Park. A good time was had by all....

The 2018 race schedule is posted. Click on Race Events tab to see details. First race is April 18th! Time to get your boats ready for another great year of on-the-water sailing/racing.

We will conduct our annual mandatory Skipper's meeting on Saturday, April 14th, 2018 at 1000 at Don Snelgrove's home: 805 Scenic Place, Crownsville, MD. Coffee and pastries provided.

There will also be an RBSA director's meeting at Don Snelgrove's home on March 17th at 1000.

Many of our members have begun to use the RaceQs smartphone application to track their race. It's free, simple to use, and allows for all particpants to view a fully integrated race picture. It is also a great learning tool and we have received absolutely great feedback on its capabilities. On the Race Events tab to the right of each completed race, you will now see that you can click on a RaceQs replay of each race as well as being able to click on the results. RaceQs is a great learning tool.

If you can't see the results on the Race Events tab, please create a username on the LogIn page and you will be able to see Race Events and results by next day.

Note that one of our boats, Himmel, will be departing on 1 May for a transatlantic crossing and cruise through north Africa and the Mediterranean. The crew will be primarily the same sailors that you see on Himmel each Wednesday evening. She will miss most of the 2018 racing season here on Round Bay. You should see her out racing in April before departing and possibly back for the last Oct race. Check out the December Spinsheet article, pages 51-52,  for more information:


Videos of many of our Round Bay races, courtesy of Bob Garrant, are located at:




Questions can be sent to info@roundbaysailing.com


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