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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can race in Round Bay Sailing Association?

Anyone who has a boat and the desire to race fairly, competitively and have fun while abiding by the US Sailing's rules of racing.

How do I join RBSA?

Easiest way is to print the membership form and fill it out You can find the form under the Resources/Forms tab.

How much does it cost to be a member?

Membership for RBSA is a whopping $45 for Skippers and $15 for Associates (usually crew). With it you get 52+ races a year, newsletters, and even pizza occasionally.

Where do you race?

We race in Round Bay on the Severn River in Severna Park, Maryland. To see maps of the mark locations and where we are located go to the charts page.

What times do the races start?

Races start at 18:00 on Wednesdays for Series 1 through 4. In all cases, the first horn begins 5 minutes prior to the start. 

Where is the starting line located?

The starting line can be at a number of mark locations. Listed up to the RC prior to the race on VHF Ch68 for direction on where the race will start.

Do I need a valid PHRF Certificate to race?

No, we assume everyone sails their boat adhering to the rules of PHRF and will assign you the base rating for your type of boat unless you provide a PHRF Certificate stating otherwise. For unusual or custom designs we may require you to get a PHRF rating if we cannot find one for you. If you are racing in the ORR-EZ class, we'll need to find a comparable rating for your vessel type if you don't have an ORR-EZ rating.

What if I want to race Non-spinnaker?

You are entitled to race non-spinnaker and will be given an allowance of 15 seconds per mile for fractional rigged boats, and 20 seconds a mile for masthead. The only requirement is that you announce your intention to go non-spinnaker to the race committee on station prior to the prepatory signal (5 minute).

What if I am new to Racing?

We love to get new sailors out on the Bay with us! No problem if you are new to racing. Let us know and we will work with you on and off the course to teach you the rules. Additionally, there are experienced racers who would be willing to race with you to show you the ropes. Best thing you can do is just let someone know that you are new.

What if I don't have crew?

We do allow single-handed racing if you can handle your boat competently and SAFELY. The other way is just ask around if anyone knows of crew looking for boats. There are always people looking for an opportunity to sail with a friendly and patient skipper.

by Dr. Radut